Yetminster Health Centre

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Appointment Changes

We are hopefully progressing well with our ‘getting back to normal’ by increasing the number of Face to Face GP appointments and making them pre-bookable online.  Of course, if you prefer you can still phone to speak to reception to book an appointment, but the same pre-bookable appointments will be available online.

If your need is Urgent for that day, then we will still have On Day appointments which are usually Face to Face with a GP that are freshly released each morning and only available by phoning our reception team.

We are not stopping telephone consultations completely, as they have their place for certain ailments that wouldn’t need to be seen in a Face to Face appointment. If you prefer this option, then you need to phone reception to book it and leave an appropriate telephone number for the GP to contact you. Remember that If you book an appointment online, then we are expecting you for a Face to Face appointment here!

If you still do not have online access to make an appointment or order your medications, then please contact us to assist you.

COVID is still widespread in our area, so I would also remind you that if you have any symptoms at all, please do not enter the surgery. Contact reception to re-book your appointment or convert it to a telephone appointment. Help us to keep any vulnerable patients visiting the surgery safe from the virus.
Thank you

Date published: 2nd March, 2022
Date last updated: 6th September, 2022